Frequently Asked Questions

Do you photograph families/children/babies?
No, I am no longer able to fit everyday sessions into my busy schedule. I currently focus my business on weddings, engagements, and senior portraits.

Where did you study photography?
While I did take a few film photography classes at Piedmont College, I am otherwise completely self taught! I am driven by my love for both photography and my clients. I have always been very artistic and photography is one of the ways I love expressing myself with.

Who are your favorite photographers?
Oh gosh, there are a lot. But my very top favorites are Jose Villa, Stephanie Williams, Jessica Claire, Brandon Kidd, Jackie Wonders and Elizabeth Messina.

Do you offer prints and products?
Yes! From the modest 4×6 to a gorgeous 20×30 canvas to custom designed cards, I offer a wide range of photographic prints and products. Price list is available upon request!

What equipment/camera/lenses do you use?
I shoot with two Canon  DSLRs and a variety of Canon lenses. I have two 580EX II flash units and I LOVE them.

What is your editing process like?
I shoot completely manual and the importance of nailing the exposure the first time is important, however, I shoot in RAW to correct the white balance in post-processing and to retain all the extra information stored in a RAW file. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to color correct and run final processing.  I prefer for pictures to look crisp and vibrant, colorful, natural!